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About Us

      Being a high-tech enterprise which principally engages in R&D of drugs , Tianjin TaiPu Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TP) was established by Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research (abbreviated as TIPR) , natural person of Synthesis Pharmaceutical Research Section and Shanghai Guochuang Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd in the end of 2002. Its predecessor is Synthesis Pharmaceutical Research Section of TIPR under the control of the State Drug Administration.

      Located at No.308 An shan Xi Dao at Nankai district, Tianjin, TP’s labs cover around 1000 square meters. Equipped with precise apparatus like HPLC、GC、UV-vis, Dissolution Tester, Particle Size Analyzer and general oral dosage form, freeze drier powder injection and liquid injection etc., TP has an excellent hardware environment and has successfully installed and configured the computer-controlled automatic mock poilt scale production lab. Integrated the academic strength of TIPR , TP can independently complete the preclinical study of new drugs and chemical’s poilt scale production research.

      With strong capability and excellent technique, TP is dedicated its energy and talent to the development of the new chemistry drug in the fields of cardio-cerebral vascular disease, nervous system, respiratory system, anti-infection, anti-virus. With efforts by our researchers and administrative staff, we have successfully completed these subjects including 9 subjects of Nation Key Technology R&D Programme from the 7th Five-Year period to the 10th Five-Year period, 1 subject of The National High Technology Research and Development Programme of China (863 Program) and many subjects of Key Technology R&D Programme of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission. TP has already succeeded in developing many new drugs with mass-market、high-tech and remarkable curative effect. TP has made great contribution to adjusting drug structure and promoting the people’s health.

      Looking into the future, the development direction of TP is that we will take important product as the investment by MAH (Marketing Aauthorization Holder) , the R&D of new drug as the foundation , develop the core product and get more profit through entering into market directly as the goal to set up a new entity with strong partner. We will use the production technology of existing product to strengthen cooperation with enterprise. Meanwhile , we will develop the new product which have self-dominated IPR and exclusive technique in China.

      Following “Solidarity、Professional Dedication、Sincerity、Innovation” principles, TP expect that we can grasp competition opportunity to realize scientific 、harmonious and leading development in the new century. With love and sincerity, TP staff will care life and put efforts into human health. 

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